SLIMMA – find new business opportunities in Asia and Russia

If you’re a business looking to expand globally, you’ve probably heard of the emerging BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Well travel industry experts have just predicted the latest set of emerging markets, and have coined them the SLIMMAs (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Argentina). And these countries could well be the ones to target with foreign language marketing techniques.

Discover new targets for language marketing campaigns— Pleinairmoab, Inc.

The foreign language internet is quickly becoming the place to be for digital marketers. Not only does foreign language marketing help you to reach the top of the search engines more quickly and effectively, but research shows that people are four times more likely to make a purchase online if they’ve got information in their own language! (Common Sense Advisory Panel)

And before you think that English is the lingua franca of the internet, you’ll soon be sadly mistaken. Cantonese is rapidly catching up to the most-used language online, and is tipped to overtake English in terms of popularity within the next few years.

In the last ten years, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese (all languages from BRIC nations) use online has all risen by 1,825%, 990% and 1,478% respectively!

Isn’t it about time you spoke to people in their own language? Over the coming months, we’ll be launching our brand new suite of Foreign Language Internet Marketing services that can help you achieve world domination (sort of) and to secure your place at the top of foreign language search engines.

So move over BRIC, the SLIMMAs are here to stay!