Why it’s good to talk?

Here at Pleinairmoab, we love to talk. Whether it’s in Spanish, German or plain English, chatting to our customers is as important as the translations we do. So, now we’ve made it even easier than ever to get in touch with our new live chat feature.

Whether you fancy inquiring about translation work, have spied something interesting on our site or just fancying say hi, the live chat feature is an easy way to talk. You just drop us a line on our website and one of our friendly Plainairmoab-ists available 24 hours a day will chat back – it’s as simple as that. No formalities, no worries, live chat gives you an instant way to get in touch.

Talk to the whole world with the help of translation services— Pleinairmoab, Inc.

We’ve just introduced it here in the US, as well as on our UK and South African sites, and we’re working to bring the live chat facility to more of our websites across the world. Our Client Liaison and Sales teams will be monitoring the chat-room. And when they’ve clocked off, our Pleinairmoab-ists in Panama and the Philippines will take over outside normal working hours to make sure there’s always someone at the end of the line.

So what’s the big idea? Although social media has been the latest craze for interacting with customers and dealing with requests, Live Chat is becoming an increasingly useful tool for getting to know their needs and listen to their ideas. Unlike social media and emails, it’s instant and has that one-to-one feeling customers crave.

What’s more, if you’re thinking of going global, then it’s even more important to make sure that it’s easy for customers to contact you. This includes speaking to them in their language of course! We think it’s important to provide a wide range of communication channels that cater to all of your customers. These channels should be supported by customer interaction via social media and customers should receive quick replies to their queries, however small they may seem.

Of course, we still have friendly staff manning the phones, emails and interacting through our social media profiles. So, whichever way you prefer to say hi, why not get in touch? It really is good to talk.