Pleinairmoab provides time- and cost-optimized translation services

We’ve honed our processes to make sure they’re as streamlined as possible, which means you get to spend less time on translation management.

Whether that’s through the best translators, our cutting-edge translation technology or our talented project managers, we can ensure you get the very best out of your translation project.

We’re proud to deliver quality translations, and to help even more, we can integrate our translation technologies right into your content management system.

How We Work with You: Translation Management— Pleinairmoab, Inc.

There are two ways we can manage your translation project: Simple or Integrated.

While we can’t magic up an extra hour in the day, we can deal with the time-consuming translation management side of things, letting you spend your time exactly where it’s needed.

Standard Translation

1. Your dedicated Account Manager (AM) will work out what you need

Your AM will chat to you to discover what your translation needs are, and suggest the service level which will suit the translation process for your project.

If necessary, we’ll work with you on a thorough brief to make sure we’ve got your style and terminology requirements exactly right.

2. Get a quote

We can give you a quote when we know:

  • Source language
  • Target language
  • Wordcount
  • Deadline

Or you can just send us the file for translation, the target language(s) and the deadline. Your AM can then send you a quote with a comprehensive breakdown of all the necessary figures.

3. Place the order

Happy with our quote? Simply approve the order via email including your purchase order number and we can start work on your project right away.

4. The translation process

The next step in the translation process is letting us sort out your translations!

This is the part where we deal with your translation project management. We generally won’t need anything from you, but, as always if you have any questions, your AM and PM will be able to give you the answers you need. If your expected delivery times change in any way, your PM will get in touch and let you know.

Depending on your service level, we might ask for feedback on the translation before we revise it.

5. Delivery

Here’s where we send you your final translation in the requested format.

We love getting your feedback – it helps us to tailor our services to suit you. Click here to give us any feedback on your experience with Pleinairmoab and our translation project management.

Integrated Translation: How We Work with You

1. Have a chat with your Account Manager (AM)

The first stage of the translation process involves working out exactly what you need. Your AM, supported by our Technical Division can tell you how we will be able to integrate our systems with yours. In most cases this involves a plug-in to your Content Management System (CMS), or a web services link.

2. Get your quote

At this stage we’ll also give you a quote for our integrated translation services.

If you’re happy with the quote, we’ll give you a simple tutorial of how to use our interface. And if you’ve opted for a web services link, Technical Division will take you through everything you need to know to use it.

3. Create your web services client or install your plug-in

Once we’ve discovered the integrated translation solution for your needs, our Technical Division can then help you out with installing the plug-in or web services link.

It’s then over to you to configure and customize your account, including setting up rules for your own workflow including:

  • Service level(s)
  • Budgeting
  • Publishing rules

And set the following project preferences:

  • Source language
  • Target language
  • Translation process workflow
  • Contact details

4. Project creation

Almost there… with your preferences saved, you just choose the content you need translating in the Pleinairmoab Dashboard and hit Send.

Your Project Manager (PM) will be notified of the new project, and the translation can begin!

5. Translation and delivery

Here’s the part where you can forget all about your project until the deadline rolls around. Your PM will set to work assigning your project to the relevant translators. Upon completion, any feedback can be given and revision made (according to which service level you have chosen).

When it’s complete, the translation will be uploaded back into your system and we’ll let you know by email. From here, the translation can be automatically published or we can wait for your approval.

6. Give us your feedback

Your AM will get in touch to ensure you’re happy with everything. Your feedback helps us to finetune our services and make sure we get it right each time.

If you wanted to leave any feedback on the translation process or our integrated translation system, you can do so here.